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Featured Image for Warlord Games Raise £5,500 for Our NHS Heroes

Warlord Games Raise £5,500 for Our NHS Heroes

This year has been a challenging year, but throughout there have been moments of real joy across the nation. Back in the spring, Captain Tom Moore (as he was known then) started fundraising for the NHS and aimed to complete one hundred 25 metre laps of his garden, 10 a day with his walking frame to celebrate his 100th birthday.

His incredible challenge captured the spirit of the nation and as everyone got behind him, he went on to raise over £5 million for the NHS.

Moved by the World War 2 veteran’s efforts were local company Warlord Games, who have a huge pedigree in historical games and their most popular time period is World War 2.

Using their expertise, Warlord Games wanted to create a miniature inspired by Captain Tom Moore. Karl Oliver-Kyriacou, E-Commerce Manager at Warlord Games explains “We created, with his relentless work as an inspiration, a limited edition World War 2 British Tank Commander. We are incredibly happy to announce we have raised over £5,500 for the NHS”.

Thank you so much to Warlord Games, all of the money raised will be used to support the incredible work at your local hospitals here in Nottingham.