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Featured Image for Unite to fight cancer for Notts patients

Unite to fight cancer for Notts patients

On Saturday we will be joining millions of people world-wide in the fight against cancer on World Cancer Day.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity has been at the forefront of the battle against cancer in the East Midlands by funding lifesaving research as well as providing equipment and enhancing environments for cancer patients at Nottingham’s hospitals.

In the last two years the Charity has awarded more than half a million pounds towards cancer research and £1.1 million to help refurbish children’s cancer wards.

One of the areas supported by the Charity is ground-breaking research into personalised cancer treatment, led by Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Professor Stephen Chan. The research team’s goal is to save lives by providing cutting edge new drug treatments, putting Nottingham on the map for breast cancer research and treatment, and providing the best possible care for cancer patients.

Prof Chan says: “The purpose of our research is to identify patients with a specific type of cancer (called triple negative breast cancer) and treat them according to their tumour’s response to a particular treatment, such as chemotherapy. This means we can tailor our approach to individual patients and help them to avoid unpleasant side effects wherever possible.”

Deborah, a patient with secondary breast cancer treated by Prof Chan says: “World Cancer Day is a time to focus on preventing and treating this terrible disease. Prof Chan, his team and modern medicine have enabled me to achieve remission. His research is so important to help ensure the most effective treatment is selected for the individual first time. Getting the right treatment delivered quickly will help save lives.”

The Charity has also funded development of new treatments for acute myeloid leukaemia – an aggressive cancer affecting blood and bone marrow. The research is looking at how patients respond to different drugs and how these drugs can be scheduled to provide better outcomes for patients and ultimately save lives.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity also helps cancer patients by improving the areas they are treated in and providing complementary therapy to help them deal with distressing side effects of harsh treatment regimes.

Barbara Cathcart, Nottingham Hospitals Charity Chief Executive says: “Nottingham University Hospitals Trust has an international reputation for cancer services and we are proud to contribute to vital research into breast, prostate and other types of cancer.

“World Cancer Day focuses attention on understanding more about this disease and developing new treatments so we urge people to help cancer patients by supporting our Charity.”

To support Nottingham’s hospitals in the fight against cancer go to our donations page

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