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Featured Image for Support the Co-op to help parents who have lost a child

Support the Co-op to help parents who have lost a child

Carly Williams, Project Manager for our Zephyr’s centre, which supports families after the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child, talks about new support that local Co-ops are giving the project and how you can help by signing up as Co-op members

I’m proud to say that we shop at the Co-op!

It’s funny actually, somehow or other, we didn’t know Mapperley that well until our son Zephyr died. As with many things, we wanted a change after he died; we wanted to do so many things differently, not like we had before, because we felt so totally altered, and not as before. So it was that we discovered somewhere new to do our weekly shop – the Co-Op (along with the friendly deli, yummy veg shop, and great charity shops too, but that’s another story!)

It feels pretty surreal, to think about it… Five years later, we’re Co-Op members, and each time we go to one of their shops, with our second son Sol, a little bit of our money goes towards the project that we set up, in our son’s name. No matter what’s on our shopping list, 1% of any of their brand of items that we buy is given to Zephyr’s centre. Whether it’s cheese in our sandwiches, yoghurt on our breakfast, or tea that we drink, it all makes a donation to supporting bereaved families in Nottingham following pregnancy loss or the death of a baby or child – it all helps parents and families who, just like we did, may find their lives changed and turned on their heads in unimaginable ways.

I know that pregnancy loss, and the death of a baby or child isn’t really high-street conversation…
Death is taboo, at the best of times. When our son died, some folks crossed the street uncertain of what to say. In truth, the aisles of shops became the last place I wanted to be, for fear of seeing a blissfully pregnant mother, or hearing the cries of a newborn baby.

Zephyr’s centre, which we dreamed up, and which is now part of Nottingham Hospitals Charity, offers an oasis of calm and connection for parents and families who are bereaved. Safe in a space that’s been created by and for people like them, a solace of warmth and calm awaits anyone who walks through the door – where many staff and volunteers are specialist workers or bereaved themselves, and where nobody shies away from talking about the grief and love that lives within those of us who live beyond our children… The kettle is often on at Zephyr’s, and of course it’s Co-Op tea!

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If you’d like to call in to Zephyr’s: Open Doors, 1-3pm every Thursday afternoon, when anyone affected by pregnancy loss or the death of a baby or child can pop in for a cuppa, and find out about what we do – map and directions on our facebook page.

Every minute, your support makes a difference