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Featured Image for Our appeal to raise a further £100,000 for Nottingham’s NHS workers

Our appeal to raise a further £100,000 for Nottingham’s NHS workers

Our appeal to support NHS staff at Nottingham’s hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic is aiming to raise a further £100,000.

Our ‘Help your Hospital Heroes’ appeal was launched in March 2020, to help hospital staff in Nottingham at the start of the virus outbreak. Thanks to you support, the appeal raised £275,000 in just over two months, with donations coming from individuals, families, community groups and businesses across the local community.

As hospital admissions continue to increase and NHS staff continue to find themselves in an extremely challenging situation, we have relaunched the appeal with the aim of raising a further £100,000 to support them.

Barbara Cathcart, Chief Executive of Nottingham Hospitals Charity, said: “When we launched our emergency appeal last March, we were absolutely astounded by the response from the local community. This has been a challenging year for so many of us, but it has been truly heart-warming to see the people of Nottinghamshire rally together to support their local NHS workers.

“As the virus rate continues to increase and the pressure on our hospitals mounts, we’re once again asking the people of Nottinghamshire to support the doctors, nurses, administration staff and all the other NHS workers who are continuing to care for our community at this difficult time.”

Money raised through last year’s appeal was used to help create Wellbeing Centres at the City Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre, where workers could take breaks and receive peer support, as well as four sleep pods where they could get some rest. Funds were also used to improve a variety of indoor and outdoor rest areas, to allow staff to take time away from the busy hospital environment.

The Charity now aims to raise a further £100,000 to offer even more to support staff at Nottingham Hospitals as the pandemic continues.

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