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Featured Image for Major Trauma team member to run London Marathon for Helipad Appeal

Major Trauma team member to run London Marathon for Helipad Appeal

Steven Henaghan, Nnenna Okolo and Sharon Sanderson outside C30Stephen Henaghan, a member of the East Midlands Major Trauma Centre team at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre, is running the 2015 London Marathon to raise money for our £3 million Saving Lives Helipad Appeal.

As Major Trauma Administrator, Stephen sees first-hand the amazing work done by the talented team of specialists at the Major Trauma Centre, who are on hand 24/7 to save lives. ‘I’m constantly inspired by the work that’s carried out here,’ says Stephen. ‘In the first two years since the Centre was set up in 2012, the team has saved the lives of 115 people who were not expected to survive.’

Why we need an onsite helipad at QMC

When someone has an accident, the short period afterwards, known as the Golden Hour, is critical to favourable clinical outcomes. At the moment, air ambulance patients are completing their journeys by road, which takes up to 20 minutes. With an onsite helipad, we can reduce transfer times to just 5 minutes – delivering patients directly into the expert hands of the Major Trauma Centre team. Find out more here.

Why the London Marathon?

When Stephen heard about the Saving Lives Helipad Appeal, he wanted to do something that would make a difference. ‘I’m not usually a runner,’ he explains. ‘In fact I don’t enjoy running at all! So by challenging myself to get fit enough to tackle the 26.2 miles involved in the London Marathon, I’m setting myself quite an ambitious target – but one that I’m determined to meet.’

Stephen has already embarked on a (fairly) rigorous training routine, fitted in around his work schedule and the demands of a busy home life with his wife and toddler. He’s set up an online training blog to track his journey from unfit, 36 year old male to lean, mean running machine in time for the Big Day: Sunday 26 April 2015.

Show your support for Stephen

You can keep pace with Stephen’s progress by following the blog and catch the very latest training news by following his Twitter account. If you’d like to make a donation to the Saving Lives Helipad Appeal, you can do so through Stephen’s Everyday Hero web page. You can also share this page with your social media followers to help spread the word about Stephen’s fundraising efforts. And don’t forget to keep up with the latest news for the Helipad Appeal as a whole by following Nottingham Hospitals Charity on Twitter and Facebook, too!

Like to get involved?

You don’t need to run a marathon to support the Saving Lives Helipad Appeal! Why not take part in Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s Get Going for the Golden Hour challenge instead? The idea is that you support the Appeal and help save more lives by doing something challenging for 60 minutes, or giving something up for 60 minutes, and asking for sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues.

You can use the Everyday Hero website to set up your own fundraising page like Stephen’s (just click on the pink Start Fundraising button), so you can tell everyone about your Golden Hour challenge and keep track of how much money you’ve raised.

Every minute, your support makes a difference