Helping new parents see their babies in Neonatal Intensive Care

Neonatal photographic paper

We recently funded special photography equipment to help new parents bond with their newborn babies.

Some babies born with certain conditions, or after a complicated birth, have to be whisked straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – meaning their parents are unable to see them for the first few hours of their lives, and may be unable to hold them for several days or even weeks.

The special photographic paper and printing materials allow clinical staff to give new parents a photograph of their newborn baby whilst they wait to meet them in person. This can provide much-needed comfort for parents after a traumatic delivery and at a worrying time. It can also help parents who wish to breastfeed, express milk in the first few days.

Mum Sophie Parkins said: “I remember when our son George was transferred to QMC NICU, I followed the next day in an ambulance and was admitted to a ward for ten days. He was still in emergency surgery, to save his life. George then ‘lived’ on one floor, me on another, and his daddy in parent accommodation, down the corridor from George.

“The photos given to me, of my very poorly newborn baby, were unbelievably precious. As I expressed through the night, that’s all I had. Unable to walk from the birth trauma, I relied on someone pushing me in a wheelchair to another floor to simply and only, look at my baby.

“This charity and the QMC hospital mean everything to me, since George was born. Photographic paper will mean nothing to many, but everything to the parents and carers with poorly and premature babies. Thank you Nottingham Hospitals Charity, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Nottingham Children's Hospital for everything you did for my little Super George, now aged four, and for me.”

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