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Grant a Christmas Wish for Nottingham Children’s Hospital

No child wants to spend Christmas in hospital, so we want to make sure that Christmas at Nottingham Children’s Hospital is as exciting and fun-filled as possible.

From the beginning of December, we will be launching Grant a Christmas Wish, a virtual-gifting platform on our website.

By donating to Grant a Christmas Wish, you will help the Children’s Hospital team purchase gifts from their wish list. All of the categories of gifts on this page have been selected by experienced Play Specialists at the Children’s Hospital. They have carefully chosen items they know will bring joy and excitement to their patients this Christmas.

You can choose to donate towards the cost of toys, days out, arts and craft equipment and technology. You can also choose to help transform the facilities on a ward by purchasing a bundle of items. No matter which gift you choose, your donation will directly benefit children, young people and babies being treated at Queen’s Medical Centre.

Together we can give sick children at Nottingham Children’s Hospital a reason to smile this Christmas.

View the Children’s Hospital’s wishlist below.

Single gifts


Arts and craft supplies

The Children’s Hospital runs a programme of arts and crafts activities. They always need arts and crafts supplies to make sessions as varied and interesting as possible. Many children choose to use their artwork to brighten up their bedside.


Musical toy

Musical toys stimulate children’s senses. They can also be used by Hospital staff to help distract or entertain children during certain treatments.


Puzzle or board game

Board games and puzzles are always a popular choice for patients staying on the Children’s Hospital wards. A puzzle is an engaging way to enjoy some quiet time, and a board game is a good opportunity to socialise with other children.


Toddlers’ shape sorter toy

Shape sorters and stacking toys are fantastic fun ways to aid babies’ and toddlers’ development. They help to develop important skills, such as hand-eye coordination and shape recognition.


Sports and games equipment

The Children’s Hospital runs a programme of fun and engaging sports and games for children of all ages and abilities. New equipment will make sure that the sessions are as varied and interesting as possible.



Many children on the wards listen to music as a way of distracting from hospital sounds. These headphones chosen by our Play Specialists are durable and easy to keep clean, which means that lots of children can make use of them.


Children’s DVD

Many children are unable to move from their beds for long periods of time.  A DVD of a favourite film or TV show allows them to spend time with their family and other patients on the ward.


Pantomime or theatre ticket

The Children’s Hospital organises trips to the theatre throughout the year, including taking some patients to watch the Christmas panto! Theatre trips give young people something really exciting to look forward to and talk about with family and friends.


Portable DVD player

Being able to watch a film or TV show means a lot to children who have to spend time in hospital.  Having portable DVD players on the wards means that children can watch in bed or in treatment areas.


Interactive baby’s cot mobile

Cot mobiles provide stimulation for our tiniest patients. They give babies something colourful and soothing to play with and look at.


A day out

The Children’s Hospital’s Youth Service organises days out for patients who are able to leave the hospital for short periods of time. Trips include theme parks, adventure sports, and museums – they give patients something exciting to look forward to and talk about.


Magician or children’s entertainer

Many children are unable to leave the hospital, even for short periods of time. To ensure that no child is bored on the ward, Children’s Hospital staff arrange for brilliant magicians, character actors and other entertainers to visit the wards.


Video games

Video games are hugely popular with children on the wards. Playing games with their friends and family helps them relax and feel more at home. For many that means sharing the latest and greatest games!



Group arts and crafts activities

The Children’s Hospital runs a varied programme of arts and crafts for all ages, including messy play for babies and toddlers, painting, construction, and baking. These activities give children the opportunity to express themselves and take their mind off their treatment.


Games console

Games consoles are hugely popular among our young patients. They can play games together on the ward or with family when they visit. They’re also a great way for new patients to break the ice and form friendships with other children.

Gift bundles


Interactive animal visits bundle

Visiting the zoo is one of the most memorable days out for a child. But sadly not all children are well enough to leave hospital. We arrange for the animals to visit the ward so all children can experience meeting their favourite animal!


Education bundle

Children’s Hospital staff arrange for educational specialists to transform the Children’s Hospital wards into the best classrooms! Children learn about history, geography and science, with fun and engaging experiments, plays, and demonstrations.


Sensory toys bundle

The Children’s Hospital needs specialist sensory equipment such as fibre optic light tubes, projectors, and bubble tubes. They create stimulating and exciting environments for babies and children and help reduce anxiety, aiding recovery for children of all ages.


Movie night bundle

Movie nights are a big deal at Nottingham Children’s Hospital. Patients, their families, and Hospital staff gather together to enjoy a favourite film – sometimes there’s even popcorn! This brings some normality to hospital life and makes children feel more at home.


Video games bundle

Hospital staff want to make sure that children in their care have as normal a childhood as possible – and that means sharing the latest and greatest games! Help us make sure there’s a good selection of new games and consoles on our wards.


Christmas entertainment bundle

The Children’s Hospital arranges a huge range of Christmas activities – whether it’s baking Christmas cookies or making decorations for the Christmas tree. There is also a big Christmas party on every ward with many special visitors, including Santa and his helpers!


Group pantomime or theatre trip

The Children’s Hospital organises trips to the theatre throughout, including taking groups of patients. Theatre trips give children something really exciting to look forward to. Shared experiences like this also help them form bonds with other children on their ward.


Multi-sensory Magic Carpet

Magic carpets are multi-sensory interactive floor mats onto which different games can be projected. Children can interact with the game by touching, standing, or crawling over the image. Magic Carpets are a fantastic way of engaging almost all ages and abilities.


Summer activities bundle

The Children’s Hospital Youth Service organises a range of activities for brilliant days out, sports and indoors socials. All of the activities are supervised by specialised Youth Workers and give children something really exciting to look forward to.


Grant a Christmas Wish is launching in December 2018. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for news and updates.

Every minute, your support makes a difference