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BLOG: Why I’m supporting the Baby MRI Appeal

Hajnal Greening, husband David and daughter Charlotte are supporting our new Baby MRI Appeal. Here, Hajnal tells why the appeal is so important to her…

 My daughter Charlotte was born at QMC on 14 January 2017. I’d had what I would describe as a perfect pregnancy, with no concerns. But when Charlotte was born it was immediately clear something was wrong.

She was put on my chest and she wasn’t moving. She was floppy and grey – she didn’t look alive. Several members of hospital staff came rushing in and took her away, and that’s when I knew something was very wrong.

Charlotte was immediately taken to the Neonatal Unit, where she spent the first two weeks of her life.

I was told my child was so poorly that they could not say if she was going to make it, but they would do their absolute best. They explained everything really thoroughly, though I don’t think my brain was able to take it all in at that time.

Charlotte underwent a variety of tests and treatment, including an MRI scan. She was diagnosed with a number of conditions due to a lack of oxygen during birth, but thankfully went on to make a full recovery.

It was an absolutely horrendous time for us, but the staff at the Neonatal Unit treated us with such warmth and gave us so much support. They cried with us when we cried, and later on as Charlotte’s condition improved, they laughed with us when we laughed.

Every single member of the team, from nurses and doctors to assistants, was absolutely fabulous. There was always someone there asking how I was, not just how the baby was. There are no words to truly describe how wonderful these people are.

Charlotte is now three years old and is doing absolutely fantastically. She’s bilingual and is picking up both languages extremely well. She is a happy and healthy child. This is the best outcome that we could ever have hoped for, and this is all thanks to the Neonatal Unit.

I am absolutely behind the Baby MRI Appeal. Anything that will help the babies and the staff at the Neonatal Unit has my full backing. I will forever be grateful to them for saving Charlotte’s life.

For more information about the Baby MRI Appeal click here.

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